You don’t live in Oz and your school board is not the Wizard.

  • “I will keep equity on a leash so that any mention of Black Lives Matter is deemed illegal in our classrooms. Promise.” Bullshit.
  • “I will keep books that are not to my liking out of our classrooms. Promise.” Bullshit.
  1. Will you expect there to be a shared articulated vision and long-term goals?
  2. Will you expect school leadership to advance the school district or manage it?
  3. Will you expect progress (outside of test scores) that demonstrates best practice and overall positive impact?
  4. Will you step down from the school board if you breach ethics policies adopted by the school district (modeled after national and state school board’s associations)?
  5. Will you model humanity, humility, and kindness for all kids?

fierce mom, constant learner, writer, speaker, researcher, thinker, designer, gadget queen, advocate for learning that matters & public ed, lead with my actions

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