Innovating for Generation Alpha in Our Schools

Jody Britten
12 min readJul 3, 2019

I was an educator long before I became a parent. When I became a parent, I was suddenly able to observe the ways of life for our youngest leaners around the clock. Through parenting I became intrigued and educated in the ways of Generation Alpha. Through my professional world I have finetuned the pathways to develop educational experiences that this generation not only needs but will increasingly expect from their K12 schools.

What is Generation Alpha?

When I talk with educators from around the country, very few have even heard the term Generation Alpha. A term coined by an Australian social researcher, the evidence on Generation Alpha is important to understand. The facts of this group of students are quickly emerging as educators, service providers, and marketers seek to understand the children of millennials.

  • Generation Alpha includes any child born after 2010.
  • Starting in 2017, Generation Alpha students began enrollment in Kindergarten.
  • Generation Alpha students are skilled in navigating digital tools and have a way of “thinking digitally” about how things connect and diverge.
  • Capturing the attention of online influencers that speak their language (like Pat and Jenn of Popular MMOs), Generation Alpha is seeking a…



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